August 3, 2009


Letters to the Editor and other People Speak

FROM- Kansas City Star

Global warming fraud

Planet Earth is five billion years old. Our sun exerts more control on all the planets than any other factor. Our climate has never stopped changing and never will.

About 10 years ago, some politician /scientists decided that the “average temperature” of our planet should remain constant. The global warming hysteria has allowed politicians to spend insane amounts of tax payer dollars to “fix” a problem that we absolutely have no control over.

Politicians have kept us dependent on foreign oil by not allowing us to drill and refine our own oil. They pass fuel economy mandates that will force us to have four-cylinder cars. They almost got away with it last year until the word went out for us to drill our own oil.

Why do so many of you trust politicians in this global warming fraud? Our climate will continue to change based on our sun’s activity levels. Always has, always will.

Dan Dannaldson
Lee’s Summit


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