August 2, 2009


Letters to the Editor and other People Speak

FROM- The Ledger

Global Warming a Hoax

It seems that there is a daily media deluge of "scientific" articles warning of the perils of "global warming." This type of hype from the liberal media is somewhat expected. What is not expected is to see our national leaders accepting this incredible hoax dressed in the garb of scientific research.

For instance, Sen. Mel Martinez [R-Fla.] writes, "I believe that the threat of climate change is real, and I am working with my colleagues in the Senate to regulate and reduce green house emissions." Have Mr. Martinez and his esteemed colleagues simply drunk the Kool-Aid or have they actually studied the other side of this argument? Their ignorance of the real issues is gargantuan and inexcusable.

For instance, the Heartland Institute states: "Tens of thousands of scientists now say the media and environmental advocacy groups have it all wrong, that global warming is not a crisis. They point to a cooling trend in global temperatures since 2000, past warming and cooling cycles that were not man-made, and new evidence that carbon dioxide is not a very powerful greenhouse gas." Have you read about the International Conference on Climate Change that met in March 2009? Probably not.

Columnist Deroy Murdock wrote an excellent piece with specific instances of significantly cooler temperatures in New York, Phoenix, Boston and New England as well as South Africa and New Zealand.

Murdock points out that while the carbon dioxide emissions are rising, Earth's temperature continues to cool. He concludes, "This capsizes the carbonphobic global-warmist argument. For Earth's temperatures to sink while carbon dioxide rises contradicts global warming as thoroughly as learning that firefighters can battle blazes by spraying them with gasoline."

The American Clean Energy and Security Act, aka cap and trade, provides neither energy nor security. Instead, it represents the greatest power grab of the century by the federal government that if uncontested will control practically every facet of the American economy.




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