August 10, 2009

"Notable Quotes"

They realize that there is an enormous advantage to them if the public believes in AGW. So they initially provide research grants only to those who agree with them. Excuse me — the politicians provide grants only to competent scientists who just happen to agree with them. These AGW scientists, the only ones with federal grants, are much more likely to get university jobs, since universities are now almost wholly dependent on federal money. These new professors of climatology, mainly true believers in AGW, teach their students to believe in AGW and make sure that only true believers can get grants and thus tenure at universities.

Soon there are none but true believers in the field: a consensus has been reached!.......

......Unfortunately, the facts stubbornly refuse to confirm AGW. So the leaders of the field now start to “correct” the data to show an AGW signature. These climatologists are not conscious frauds. They truly believe in AGW, and thus truly believe that the data must show AGW. So they “correct” the data until it does. This sort of unconscious fakery occurs all the time in science, because a scientist must really, really believe his theory to be true.


Frank J. Tipler

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