August 23, 2009

Going global loco local

I was reading this article from Reuters- The spectre of climate change in Kashmir and just had to laugh. The article is obviously about climate change in Kashmir, hence the title. It is full of your typical doom and gloom :

A report on ‘Climate Change in Kashmir’ by ActionAid, an international anti-poverty agency, says the Pampore-Khrew belt, famous for its saffron production, has been witnessing an unusual phenomenon over the last two decades — receiving the least snowfall in Kashmir....

.....Romshoo says there are a number of indicators of climate change discernible in the Kashmir valley.

“Glaciers are receding, scanty and erratic snow fall, change of growing season, shifting of vegetation from lower to higher altitudes, shrinking/loss of wetlands, etc,” he said.

The government official does try to explain reality:

Enviroment Minister Jairam Ramesh says there is no conclusive scientific evidence that climate change is causing glaciers to recede. Ramesh says some glaciers like the Siachen are advancing and there needs to be more study done on this subject.

But the activist will have none of it. Not only do they attribute these events to man made climate change, they have identified the specific cause:

The report also said locals attributed this phenomenon to industrial units which have come up in the area since 1982.

Well I guess that is somewhat reasonable right? Increased industrialization in the area has caused climate change, I guess it could be argued that soot and such would cause a local affect on glaciers etc. But that is not what they mean at all they are far more specific:

The ActionAid report also mentions the movement of heavy military vehicles as one of the reasons for excess pollution in the Valley.

It says convoys and heavy military vehicles produce a high level of greenhouse gases and are out of the purview of the law enforcing agencies in pollution control.

Can the government do something about the reduction of greenhouse gases in the Valley? Will education and awareness among locals and tourists help slow climate change?

So the report being cited in this Reuter's story, despite the environmental minister's caution, represents that greenhouse gasses from military convoys are melting glaciers. That somehow harmless carbon dioxide is being spewed from trucks into the local environment and is reeking havoc on the local ecosystem.

This is one of the problems with the entire AGW mania. The idea that greenhouse gasses are a pollutant and an increase would cause local warming is not only believed but promoted through the media. This is just one example of the absurdity that this movement has taken us but no more absurd than an entire generation being taught that using mercury laden light bulbs is going to save the polar bears.


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