July 31, 2009

Speaking of Lies- "Nazis would have been proud"

Arctic Sea Ice Scam

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...We will show in this post that this is a hideous piece of lies and propaganda. It is very revealing since not only does it show the biased propagandizing of the Guardian/Observer stable, but also demonstrates the crude and shameless progagandizing of the Obama Administration (which also confirms the case made in the post All who hate Me love Death that Obama was dissembling when he claimed that he wouldn’t interfere with science). We will show in this post, with additional evidence from the air and the ground, that the satellite pictures have been deliberately selectively cropped and chosen for maximum propaganda effect to mislead the public (and politicians, no doubt). Put on the finishing touches about a Bush conspiracy and Obama’s openness and you are home and dry with something the Nazis would have been proud of.

Even the University of Alaska, Fairbanks felt compelled to comment:

Annual break-up of landfast sea ice off the coast of Barrow, Alaska received
international media attention in July 2009 after the USGS made available high
resolution-satellite imagery that show inter-annual variability in coastal ice
conditions…However, unlike suggested by some, comparing summer ice conditions in July 2006 and July 2007 is not sufficient evidence to verify a trend
In other words, all they show is that one year differs from another and no trend can be inferred. In the nicest possible way, this says that someone is up to no good here by distorting the science. Shame on the US Geological Survey for being prepared to become the mouthpiece of propaganda.....

...Since these are both from July of the same year, then two satellite images taken in ‘July’ of different years suddenly look perfectly ordinary and expected, don’t they? We would find the same with all sorts of other phenomena that happen once a year – such as the blossoming of cherry trees in April: we can find them in blossom or not in blossom at different times of the month in any given year, or in different states of blossom on the same date or on different dates within the same month in different years......

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