July 8, 2009

Skeptics From Around the Globe

Albrecht Glatzle-Ph.D. Professor Emeritus of Agricultural Biology, University of Hohenheim, Germany-Scientific Direc tor, Inttas (Paraguay)

Recent studies discovered the stalagmites in this globe's caves as very reliable climate archives conserving a range of precious indicators of past climates and solar activity. Looking to what these archives reveal, we cannot find any unusual or scaring temperature development during the past decades.

No need, whatsoever, for anthropogenic Greenhouse Gases to explain the slight temperature increase observed during the past century.So definitely there is no need at all to be concerned about our livestock's emissions of so called Greenhouse Gases! We won't save the planet distorting ourselves in an effort to teach our cattle how to emit less methane. And we will not harm the planet when we go on with our cattle industry business as usual.


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