July 16, 2009


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FROM- Nashua Telegraph

Reader not convinced by climate change data

I read the article by U.S. Rep. Paul Hodes over the weekend regarding the recently passed cap-and-trade bill (July 12: "Energy legislation will reduce emissions, and jump-start economy, too").

He never did state whether he had ever read the bill. It has been pretty much accepted that very few if any congressmen ever read the more than 1,000-page bill prior to passage.

It is interesting that although Congress had the time to conduct hearings about steroid use by baseball players, it has never considered hearings designed to discover whether climate change data – which serves as the basis for the legislation – is accurate.

There are many competent scientists who are convinced that the data is flawed. As I understand it, the science behind cap and trade is based upon flawed computer models and thus misleading. I understand it is not based on actual observable data that can be confirmed.

There is also evidence that, in fact, the climate is cooling and not heating. In addition, I have heard that in Spain, which passed a similar cap-and-trade bill, for every job that was created by the "newly discovered energy" the country lost three jobs. If that is true, it should have been disclosed by Congress.

Let us begin our road back to sanity by calling for congressional hearings, which would consider actual observable data and not be confused by what well may be an errant hypothesis.

Harold Peterson

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