June 20, 2009


Letters to the Editor and other People Speak

Published by Bane Windlow

But in the decades to come, that relatively rare heat could become common
with Western North Carolina sweltering each summer. By 2080, the mountains could
average a month or more of 90-degree heat and higher, and scientists say global
climate change will be to blame. That’s one of the findings of a new federal
report, “Global Climate Change Impacts in the United States,” released in a
White House news conference.
Asheville Citizen Times

Oh please, these nimrods can’t even tell us what the weather is going to be next week with even a 50% accuracy and I’m supposed to believe a weather report for 70 years from now?

How about all the record cold temperatures that we’ve been experiencing all over the world the last few years? How about the Argentine glacier that’s been growing, not melting? How about the recent NASA report that stated all planets are going through a warming cycle right now?

Less than half of Americans believe in man made global warming, with that number having fluctuated as low as 34% in recent months. 63% of Americans oppose Obama’s Cap and Fraud tax with good reason. It will raise the average household energy bill by a $1,000 or more and only a small portion of that revenue will go to alternative energy funding. The vast majority will go to fund Obama’s domestic socialism.

Global “warming” is yesterday’s news. When people in Chicago experience the coldest June ever and winters of -30 degrees in the midwest they don’t need junk science to tell them what’s happening with the weather.

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