June 20, 2009


Letters to the Editor and other People Speak

FROM- OC Register

Letters: More Global warming propaganda

Here again the Left (The Associated Press) puts out another hysterical report that summer is hotter than winter and then makes it into a catastrophe, "Report predicts a drier, hotter California" [June 17]. First notice that it is not "global warming" it is climate change, because for the last five years the globe has been cooling or static in temperature. I've done my own climate monitoring since moving to Mission Viejo in 1972, and I didn't put my thermometer over an air conditioner exhaust vent, because I didn't have one and I didn't put it next to a block wall facing the sun or next to the barbecue, as the climate monitoring organizations do.

I tracked the temperature of my swimming pool for the last 37 years and in 1972 I was able to swim in my pool in April then, but as the years have gone by and I don't use the pool heater, I'm lucky to get my pool up to swimming temperature one week a year in August. But then again the Left wants you to believe California is not a desert and failed to mention that a judge in Sacramento is more concerned with a bait fish than getting water to Southern California.

Keith Arnold

Mission Viejo


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