May 13, 2009

"So stop scaring our children"

FROM-The Reporter

Where is Al Gore? Is he holed up in his 9,000-square-foot cave because this winter has bought record cold to much of the world?

The groundhog saw his shadow, predicting six more weeks of winter. If we have much more "global warming," we'll all freeze.

Why is it that we have not been allowed to hear of the 31,000 scientists who signed a document stating there is no manmade "global warming"? In fact, many believe that we entered a cooling period seven to 10 years ago. The sun is our only source of heat. Therefore, warming or cooling is from the sun.

If Gore really believes, as he said, that oceans will rise 20 feet, why did he buy a building in San Francisco at sea level? And why are we allowing radicals to terrify schoolchildren? Can it be that elites such as carbon tax Gore stand to make billions through funding of so-called "green" projects?

Are governments behind this because they will collect trillions in green energy, cap-and-trade and the selling of carbon credits?

Make no mistake: The elites and governments will make obscene profits while we and our children and grandchildren will shiver in darkness while searching for a morsel of food.

Think it can't happen here?

The way CO2 is being presented, one could be led to believe that it is a poison. CO2 is necessary for all plant life, which is absolutely necessary for all human and animal life.

How have so many been duped by this lie? We have a controlled media in large part, and someone said that if you lie often enough and long enough, people will believe the lie.

But Abraham Lincoln said: "You can fool all of the people part of the time, part of the people all of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of he time."

People are waking up. So stop scaring our children. Stop trying to manage our lives. We are capable. We do not need nanny government or elites to show us how to live.


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