May 7, 2009

Skeptics From Around the Globe


Miklos Zagoni - physicist and science historian at Eotvos Lorand University, Budapest

We have the real proof— but for the opposite [of man-made warming]. The greenhouse effect of the Earth is unchanged in the last 61 years on the NOAA database. Any impact that human emitted CO2 does have is countered by about 1% change in the atmospheric moisture content (being H2O the most important greenhouse gas). In this way, the equilibrium is re-established and permanently maintained. The greenhouse effect of the Earth’s atmosphere is saturated, works on it energetic extreme; the limiting power is the constraint of available energy. The Earth’s greenhouse machinery transforms all of its available energy with 100% efficiency into surface warming. Emitting more greenhouse gas (CO2, for example) into the air cannot improve this efficiency further. The 61 year average of the atmosphere’s optical thickness (the exact measure of the greenhouse effect) on the NOAA database is 1.86875, while its theoretical equilibrium value is 1.86756.

The new results were published in 2007 --- same year as IPCC 2007 report came out. I tried to involve them in my report, by my comments were refuted.


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