May 23, 2009


Letters to the Editor and other People Speak

FROM-Panama City NewsHerald

VIEWPOINTS: Global warming talk includes a lot of trash

In May 20, Earth Talk took up the global warming hoax ("Rising global temperatures pose greater health risks," op-ed) with the usual spin of misconstrued numbers claiming that 150,000 deaths a year are caused by global warming. It added the threat that that number may well double to 300,000 by 2030.

Unfortunately, the claimed increase in deaths is caused by infectious diseases such as malaria. It also includes deaths to the elderly by heat waves, which while terrible has happened as long as man has walked the earth and pretty much increases with the increase in population.

Also, according to NASA's new totals of highest yearly temperatures, only four of the last 70 years reached the top 10 highest increases above the average. Surprisingly, those numbers recently were reduced and blamed on the Y2K bug issues, which apparently only affected NASA's computers, and not by some overzealous researcher.

Use caution when reading about the global warming scare (and please be skeptical of anyone, including me). A lot of details can be lost and added in when using computer generated models to plot something as complex as the functions of mother earth. As skeptics do more research, it is being realized that most of these terrible numbers are coming from improper weather measurement (i.e., a thermometer too close to a scorching hot metal roof or asphalt) and false data.

I am all for doing what we can to protect the planet, but please don't falsify details and threaten death and destruction using random numbers picked out of the sky to scare us into giving someone power over us.

Call your plumber put in a solar water heater, call the power company, electrician or air conditioning company for efficiency tips, build a hydrogen-powered lawnmower. They all work very well at reducing the damage we do.


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