May 25, 2009

A peek into never, never land

When I initially read this article in the Hartford Courant:
My first question was , well how much did they cost. I went to the comment section to post the question and found that it was asked in the very first comment.

Why doesn't the article tell how much it cost to install the solar panels. I would like to know the cost of the labor and materials to install the panels. Then, we could assess the payback period and return on investment.

Also, is there no need for an electrical generator or electric wiring in the building now? Are they completely self-reliant. If not, is the city still paying a demand charge for electricity?

Which gave me hope for the sanity of Americans. While I checked through the various links to West Hartford's web sites trying to find the answer to mine and the posters question, several more posts came up. Here is the first that shows how naive and unrealistic people can really be.

As Duff said, read the article:"None of these systems will cost the town anything. The original three systems were paid for by the CT Clean Energy Fund. The four new systems will be installed by a private company that will pay for the equipment and earn money by generating electricity and selling environmental credits it will receive because of its "green-energy" systems, Palmer said."


I gave up trying to find the cost of the solar panels, the information buried somewhere in the depths of West Hartford government bureaucracy. However checking back to the comment section to the story has been quite enlightening. It really is a microcosm of the various mind sets of environmentalism's fantasy world and the reality of the real world costs that they refuse to even acknowledge.

Reading the comments from the opposing view points, one truly gets an idea of the divide between the two opposing points of view.


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