May 12, 2009

The old Chicken or Egg

Climate Change ‘a la naturale’

Good science is plausible. It makes sense. Here is something from the UNIPCC that makes very little sense. It is from section1.4.6 of the most recent report accessible at:

“The mechanisms and predictive skill of ENSO are still under discussion. In particular, it is not clear how ENSO changes with, and perhaps interacts with, a changing climate.”
Has it occurred to those who have endorsed that statement that ENSO cycles might actually be responsible for observed climate change? Can we be sure that the thing that forces change on the inter-annual time scale is somehow inoperative on longer time scales? Of course not. We don’t even know what it is.

This post provides evidence that warming cycles in the tropics (ENSO in the Pacific manifestation) are directly responsible for the change that has occurred. The evidence is abundant and convincing.

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