May 17, 2009

" explosion of common sense "

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Will climate change hysteria die in the face of a recession?

Marin County, land of holier than thou liberals, embraced the whole notion of climate change with the typical fervor rich, pampered people can apply to their pet projects. The local schools inundate the kids with “Green” messages (inducing fear along the way), and people slap various earth friendly bumperstickers on the BWMs, SUVs, and other Marin-approved cars. Those who are willing to put their money where their mouths are drive hybrids and have solar panels on their roofs. It’s all very nice.

Except that it’s also all very expensive. The local newspaper reports that three towns in Marin County are refusing to join the environmentalist-approved, PG&E sponsored Marin County Energy authority:

CORTE MADERA’s decision to not join the Marin Clean Energy authority is hardly a surprise given the recession and uncertainties surrounding local revenue.

Even with the county putting up $330,000 to cover startup costs, Corte Madera council members decided the venture is too risky. Novato and Larkspur also have decided to stay out of the local initiative that’s being touted as a major local way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

What’s even more bizarre than this explosion of common sense is that the Marin Independent Journal, which is the notoriously liberal local paper, approves of the towns’ caution:

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