April 3, 2009

Jody's Rant

You are more than welcome to read this entire article. However I did not link it so much because of it's content, which is a very 'green' perhaps even an extreme green agenda diatribe against modern economies and how it is destroying the planet, blah, blah, blah. The reason I linked it was the source The ABC NEWS web site with the following introduction:

World View
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report on what makes the news
and what doesn't.

So is this Jody Boehnert an ABC News reporter? Is the article below anything resembling a news report? As I said it is basically a very extreme greenie view of the world chock full of commentary and opinions. Now at the bottom of the page it states:

Read more blogs by protestors at the G20
Read more blogs by ABC News staff

So we must assume she is a protester at the G-20 summit who is sooo important that she gets to post on ABC News with a link to her organizations web site and is allowed to pontificate on the evil of modern economies and industries as if she and her views are important and somehow worthy of special attention. Nothing personal against Ms Boehnert and her gripping daily commentaries from Camp Climate demonstrating at the G-20, but is this news? Is this even relevant?

Recently you have a convention of hundreds of scientist, many of them world renowned, presenting arguments against the very thing Jody is so worried about "climate change" and the main stream media virtually ignores them. Yet a twenty something PhD candidate is given a world wide forum to spout her views on a major news network's web site as if she had some sort of authority on the issue. Read the article and you be the judge of the importance of Jody's rant.

The Day After: $1.1 Trillion Creates an Even Bigger Problem

By Jody Boehnert, Climate Camp in the City

On Wednesday, Climate Camp occupied the street in front of the European Climate Exchange. Today we survey the landscape and wonder what was accomplished. Meanwhile, world leaders close the G20 Summit by announcing an agreement to pump $1.1 trillion in the world economy through the World Band and the IMF. But dedicating more money to propping up this failing system will only bring us closer to climate chaos due to the failure to address the intrinsic problems within the system itself.

Climate Camp has decided to use 2009 to focus on how our economic system itself drives climate change - through its addiction to fossil fuels. We recognized that the G20 meeting could have been a perfect opportunity for governments to start transforming our economies to tackle climate change. The shift away from fossil fuels needs to happen now before we hit a tipping point and damage the climate system beyond its ability to recover. ......

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