April 27, 2009

Did you hear?

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Interesting Developments on Cap and Trade

Obama’s administration. He was involved in funding the creation of the Chicago climate exchange years ago serving on the board of the Joyce foundation. Even a short review of it’s history reveals a stark mixture of corruption and payoffs for different friends pet projects. I would urge people who are interested to check out the names of board members, their personal histories, links and positions on other boards and moneys transferred. Sit by a bucket though cause it will probably make you sick.

The Joyce group operated primarily as a strong anti-gun group directing money to non-profit’s around the country in an effort to eliminate the second amendment. My point is, Obama does have a personal horse in the cap and trade race just as Al Gore does, although the links are a little more complicated.

Aside from your own political leanings, the honest must recognize that the liberal democrats have been planning the climate coup for some time now. We’ve seen the placement of extreme leftists and replacement of reasonable moderates at the highest positioins of office, Pelosi, waxmen, Chu and many others. The current climate bill is far reaching, stretching beyond simple cap and trade including other extremist items such as; a renewable electricity standard; a low-carbon fuel standard; a broader renewable fuels policy; new efficiency standards. All things our socialist president will happily support but the legislation is so left that moderate Democrats (required to go along with the leadership to get their own projects recognized) are reacting against it.

Anyway, here’s the article which caught my attention.....


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