March 20, 2009

Skeptics From Around the Globe


Ian D. CLARK- Professor of Earth Sciences, University of Ottawa,
Director, G.G. Hatch Isotope Laboratories

"I am compelled to disagree that there is a consensus of scientists who agree that this is the consequence of human activities. While the melting of permafrost, retreat of glaciers and waning of the permanent ice pack may be alarming, it is only alarming to those unfamiliar with past changes in climate in the North. Paleoclimatologists recognize such events as part of natural changes wholly unrelated to CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere. In fact, the waxing and waning of ice shelves, along with glaciers, ice caps and pack ice are largely related to changes in solar inputs.

Arctic paleoclimatologists are very familiar with the Holocene "Hypsithermal" event - a warm period some five to 10 thousand years ago caused widespread retreat of permafrost and changes in vegetation patterns. Indeed, we have shown that Arctic summer temperatures at that time were five to eight degrees warmer than today. Polar bears and those lower on the Arctic food chain survived, as they will with the current warming."

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