March 20, 2009

"Power to the Peop...uh Scientist"

I would agree with her, if there were any journalist left. That is not fair there are probably as many reputable journalist left as there are reputable climate scientist. So the scientist don't want the journalist to report on them, they don't trust the democratic process next thing you know they'll want their own government. Yes let's put the scientist in charge.

from editor's weblog

Reporting on climate change 'should not be left to journalists'

The chairwoman of the International Scientific Congress on Climate Change has declared that the task of informing the public about climate change should not be left to journalists. Katherine Richardson told that scientists need to rethink their communication strategy, as journalists work for organisations that are more interested in making money than clearly presenting an accurate interpretation of climate change. Instead, she believes that communicators within the scientific community should be trying to get the message across....

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