March 24, 2009

"The Mother Of All Scares" Part 2

Taken from Christopher Bookers Presentation to the 2009 International Conference on Climate Change in New York as

Reported by The Heartland Institute

Part Two of the story, lasting from 1998 to 2007, we call “The Consensus Carries All Before It.” The official science grew even wilder, symbolised by the IPCC in 2001 adopting as its supreme icon Michael Mann’s “hockey stick,” the graph which completely rewrote the historical record to make 1998 the hottest year in history.

No matter that within a few years Steve McIntyre and Ross McKittrick had turned the “hockey stick” into one of the most discredited artefacts in the history of science. By now the scare was in full swing, as governments, led by the European Union, proposed ever more ambitious measures to change the world’s climate, intended not just to meet their original Kyoto targets but to go far beyond them.

By 2005, as the EU launched its first “cap and trade” scheme, while tens of thousands of highly subsidised wind turbines rose uselessly over Europe’s countryside, the hysteria was approaching its peak. 2006 saw Al Gore’s celebrated Oscar-winning movie, so full of errors that scarcely a sentence in it was correct. By 2007 the potential bill for all the measures now being proposed by politicians across the world was so colossal that, if they were all put into effect, it would require such a drastic change in the way of life of billions of people that it is hard to imagine how modern civilisation could survive in any recognisable form.

(to be continued)

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