March 24, 2009

Creepy feeling

Reading the following story gave me an overwhelming sense of how creepy this whole Global Warming/Climate Change agenda is. I am sure this has something to do with the fact that ALGORE had to remove the slide from his alarmist presentation, because it wasn't uh...accurate. But what bothers me is the idea that we are being bombarded with the idea that every little thing is the result of climate change.

The President of the US points to floods in North Dakota and while simultaneously saying it has nothing to do with global warming points to global warming Every news article about every natural event points to climate change even if it is only to say that we can expect more of this or that in the future as a result of climate change. It is getting downright scary. Younger generations are truly being brainwashed
into a belief that the current natural events are somehow not only unprecedented but the fault of mankind, none of which is either true or verifiable yet are portrayed as being undeniable. This is not science, this is something much worse, this has to do with control and it truly scares me.

UN plans guide to fighting climate-change disasters

OSLO, March 24 (Reuters) - A proposed U.N. study of climate extremes will be a practical guide for tackling natural disasters and fill a gap in past reports focused on the gradual effects of global warming, experts said.

Floods, mudslides, droughts, heatwaves or storms are often the main causes of destruction and human suffering tied to climate change, rather than the creeping rise in average temperatures blamed on a build-up of greenhouse gases.

"We are saying a lot about changes in mean temperatures but the impacts on real people, real companies, are taking place at the extremes," said Chris Field, a co-chair of a group in the U.N.'s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

Better knowledge of extreme climate events could help governments, companies or humanitarian organisations to cope with natural disasters, he told Reuters on Tuesday during a March 23-26 IPCC meeting in Oslo....


  1. I like this blog!

    Is there any chance that you'd consider a light background with dark text?

    "Gore Lied" made that change, and for me, it made that blog far more readable...

    Tom Nelson

  2. Hi Tom

    Big fan of your blog too. I have given it some thought. The reason I have the dark backround is I use so many pictures and toons, that really stand out this way. I think it might loose some of its impact, but I do understand yourpoint. I will put up a poll and see what readers think. Thanks for stopping by and thanks for your great blog.