March 17, 2009

More Shell Games

Global warming: Do Americans care?

I linked to this to show how absolutely disenguous the entire global warming/CO2 argument is. Read this quote from ANN NOTTHOFF, California advocacy director, Natural Resources Defense Council

"Over the past three years –- from 'An Inconvenient Truth' to the Nobel Peace Prize to the Supreme Court CO2 decision to the presidential campaign, and now to the Obama administration and congressional leadership -- the concern about global warming has gone from alarm to practical solutions. That’s good news. Americans don’t spend time 'worrying' about a problem, they start thinking about how to do something about it.
People want clean air to breathe, safe water to drink and a safe environment. The science linking their daily health and global warming is increasingly strong.
This poll seems to measure reactions to media coverage rather than to the consequences of global warming.... [It] finds that solid majorities of the American public know that global warming is a real threat and problems are already manifest. Young people, looking to their future, are particularly concerned. That’s a strong public message to Congress to act now

Of course people want clean air, clean water and a clean environment. But to equate those with CO2 in the atmosphere, a natural life giving element is not only misleading, it is fraud. It is my sincere belief that many people fail to recognize the difference between carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide and smog.

This is one reason why studies show that the more informed a layperson is about global warming the more likely he/she is to be skeptical about the theory. In the mind of the public these people have painted a picture of carbon dioxide as a pollutant and smog, as the above quote clearly demonstrates they constantly do. It is shameful and disgraceful and scientist who promote the agenda without clearly defining the difference but instead feed it are deceptive and not worthy of respect.

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