March 25, 2009

"..deforestation has also led to the extinction of many rare species"

On the other hand, here is a common sense article. Although I do not believe that increased CO2 in the atmosphere from the burning of fossil fuels is a significant problem and has virtually no contribution to global warming, this on the other hand is an ignored crisis. In addition if you sincerely believed that global warming was a problem, this ought to be the very first place you excerpt your efforts, not ruining economies.

This too is being exacerbated by the whole AGW nonsense, both by the burning of rain forest to plant crops for bio-fuels and by confining the impoverished of the world to a lower standard of living by depriving them of affordable energy sources. It also points out the dirty little secret of extinctions.

'Reducing deforestation cheapest way to arrest global warming'

Chandigarh (IANS): Minimising the cutting of wood and its use as fuel can go a long way to fight global warming, and do so in an affordable way, an expert asserts.

"Forest clearance and wood burning have emerged as a major cause of global warming over the last few decades. Deforestation alone contributes over 25 per cent gases responsible for global warming," Michael Kleine of International Union of Forest Research Organisations (IUFRO) told IANS. The U.N. however estimates it contributes around 20 per cent.

Mr. Kleine added: "Reduction in number of trees as a result of ignorant deforestation means that there would be fewer trees to absorb CO2 (carbon dioxide), the gas primarily responsible for global warming." ......

....Rohit Ruhella, an environmentalist based here, said: "It is the high time we preserved the integrity of our ecosystem. Every aspect of environment is inter-related with forests and it has become essential to reduce deforestation to avoid devastating impacts of global warming.

"Besides, deforestation has also led to the extinction of many rare species of wildlife in the last few years."

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