February 26, 2009

Thermostat Precision

One of the things that really got me looking at the Global Warming hype closer was to really look at the numbers. Granted I do not claim to be a scientist, thank goodness, but I do have common sense and over fifty years of life experience. I looked at the charts and the graphs and they horrified me, my god I thought this really is bad, that graph is shooting off the chart. Then I stepped back and looked at the numbers. Let me give you a couple of examples in just plain old layman terms. I'll use only HadCrut numbers which is the official World Meteorological Organization, thus the IPCC numbers.

The year that just ended 2008 had a global average mean temperature according to these folks of 57.74 degrees Fahrenheit. They tell us that to truly see trends in climate you must have at least 30 years, OK let's do that.

The average global temperature for the last 30 years 1979-2008 was 57.61 F. So this past year was .13 (13/100) of a degree warmer than the last 30 year average. Was this an exceptionally cold year? Well if it was it does not say much for all the talk about accelerating Global Warming does it? But let's look see. Here are the last 10 years compared to the past thirty year trend.

1999 +.13
2000 +.09
2001 +.32
2002 +.41
2003 +.42
2004 +.39
2005 +.44
2006 +.35
2007 +.30
2008 +.13

So in the past ten years never has the Official global temperature gone above even one half of a degree of the thirty year trend. In a998 which was allegedly the warmest year in recorded history the temperature was a whopping .53 degrees above that thirty year trend.

Now as a little test here, go turn the thermostat in your house up .13 degrees and see how uncomfortable you are. Oh OK, that was not fair we are talking the entire world not a house, go turn it up .53 degrees.

Speaking of the entire world, to show how small these numbers really are compared to what we live in let's look at a couple locations. For example the average yearly temperature in Helsinki Finland is a chilly 41 F. But you move down south a bit to Cairo Egypt that average is 71 F and if you swung on over to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia that average would be 82 F. By the way all of those cities are within 100 feet of each other in altitude yet Kuala Lumpur average yearly temperature is twice that of Helsinki Finland. You may be surprised to learn that men, animals and even plants seem to manage in these diverse temperatures in fact they are thriving population centers.

So you see here what we are talking about? The coldest year in the twentieth century was 1911 a frigid 56.17 F. The warmest was that sweltering 1998 58.15 F. So the coldest and the warmest years in a century were about 2 degrees difference. That is not how much it warmed in the twentieth century, that was slightly less than 1 degree, that two degrees difference between 1911 and 1998 represents the extremes.

That is reality, that is what has happened, our esteemed climate modelers who live in the computer generated future of dire consequences based on their digital input see a world afire. My suggestion is that they all ought to move to Eismitte, Greenland, average yearly mean temperature -22 F and wait for their armageddon, another degree warmer they might be comfortable.


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