July 31, 2014

Global warming’s casualty: “They burn food don’t they?”

The climate cult owns the fact that billions of tons of food have been wasted in a Quixotic quest to save the world from non-existent global warming threat

Photo Credit| Wikimedia Commons
Photo Credit| Wikimedia Commons
Back in the late sixties there was one of those dark artistic “deep” meaning movies which were so popular at the time with the somewhat ominous tile, “They shoot horses don’t they?” The plot is somewhat long, involved and depressing but the reason for the title becomes clear at the very end of the movie when one of the main characters is asked why he assisted in the suicide of his marathon dance partner. His answer is the title of the film. He meant of course that when a horse is suffering it is shot to put it out of its misery.
This is how I think of the ethanol connection to global warming. Believing that the planet Earth, Gaia for the more artistic minded, is in misery due to global warming, the well-meaning stars of our drama choose to put it out of its misery by burning the world’s food supply. This for all practical purposes is assisted suicide. “They burn food don’t they?”
But it is worse than that, it always is.
Perhaps the only thing stupider than paying farmers not to grow crops is paying farmers to grow food crops to burn as fuel. Not that you can really blame farmers for lobbying to keep ethanol mandates in place, it certainly helps keep farms profitable. But if your goal is to “help” mankind which would be a better strategy, continue to force refiners to blend food crops in their fuel mixes, or purchase the crops and send them to the impoverished people of the world?
The political left is always railing against spending money for defense or wars. Remember the often repeated anti-war theme during the second Iraq war, “No blood for oil?” As it turned out the United States never did get any of that oil that everyone was so concerned about. Where is the concern about the direct waste in burning food for fuel, how about a new chant “No food for fuel!”
Actually many environmentalist have come to the realization that ethanol along with many other bio-fuels are not the panacea they at one time believed it would be. It is an active debate whether ethanol is a net positive or net negative for the environment but what is not a close call however is the fact that worldwide large areas of land which could be growing food crops instead are being used to grow crops to be burnt as fuel.
Worse yet, this fuel additive is more expensive than the gasoline it replaces. In the United States alone forty percent of all corn grown is now used for ethanol production. An ideology which is constantly making the claim that the poor will be most affected by climate change and uses this as a means to foster guilt on society, is itself responsible for policies that severely punish the poor.
It is easy now to claim that “special interest” and “Big Agriculture” are responsible for maintaining this irrational misuse of resources but this like so many other wasteful and illogical issues that society faces today are the direct result of the global warming scam

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