February 3, 2009

A Long Road Home

One of the big problems with blindly following the AGW mantra is that people, industries, institutions and governments are not and will continue to not look at the world as it is. In doing so we will make choices that could be contrary to our best interest.

If we were in pre-AGW times when we accepted that we did not know how to forecast long term climate trends other than by observations from the past, we would be making totally different decisions today. Perhaps we would be moving in the exact opposite direction. Based on experience and observations from the past, we probably would be hearing, (based on the sun) that it is possible we are headed towards a prolonged cooling phase in the global or at least Northern Hemisphere climate.

This being so we would be preparing accordingly for such things as energy consumption (increased exploration etc, increasing farming in southern tier states,all the way down to budgeting for increased snow removal. But all this and a hundred other big and small things are being ignored or in some cases discouraged.

We may in fact be traveling down the road in the wrong direction heading away from our best interest instead of towards them. This is why the people who so blindly believe in the computer models and spin and even fudge the data to promote their beliefs should be called out and held to account for their statements, projections and promoting of an agenda, rather than objective science.


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