July 23, 2014

“Winter is coming”: The real danger of global warming

Chicago- Winter 2014|Photo Credit Wiki Commons
Chicago- Winter 2014|Photo Credit Wiki Commons

The global warming cult drives policies which lead the world in the wrong direction

Some of the more severely insane policies that have been forced on society by the climate cult will take a generation or more to undo. But perhaps the greater harm is that we may not only be adopting wasteful policies to fight a non existent threat; we may be adopting policies which will result in harming the planet.
Before the onset of the carbon dioxide panic, governments and citizens pretty much took climate, like weather, as it came. We were, in a very real sense, always prepared because the only thing you could prepare for was the unexpected. Nobody claimed to know what the weather was going to be next month, let alone decades into the future.
Even today, nobody would cancel a June Caribbean cruise in December, for example, because someone predicted there would be a hurricane along the ship’s route; nobody would postpone an outdoor wedding because of projected rain three months in advance. We know that such predictions are not possible, yet the climate cult has convinced policy makers to formulate long term policies based on their theory and model projections of a future climate.
The widespread acceptance of the global warming “theory” by governments and policy makers in many institutions  has had a profound effect on society. This will become even more pronounced if the direction we are currently heading is the opposite of what the future actually brings. There already have been examples of this disconnect between theory and reality, some small, some large, which are affecting people in very real ways whether they recognize it or not.
This past winter, the United States experienced one of the coldest winters in forty years. This had a drastic effect on the Southeastern United States where cold and snow events unlike any endured in a generation left citizens unprepared. From New Orleans to Atlanta, traffic was crippled and life came to a standstill. It is easy to blame current government officials for not being prepared. But on the other hand, for decades governments have been more likely to produce studies on how to prepare for sea level rise or on how to protect the loblolly pine from devastating global warming than actually prepare for the occasional rare snow storm. Snow storms, which they have been assured, will soon be a thing of the past in their neck of the woods.
This is an example of an easy problem to solve. If governments use common sense to prepare for climate and weather events rather than rely on theoretical projections of future climate, or if they just admit they do not know what future weather will be, they would be better served than preparing in the wrong direction. But as long as the climate cult sets the agenda for government priorities, the problems will multiply and compound themselves.
A half a decade ago when few would even consider anything but a warming world, Dr. Pal Brekke a senior advisor to the Norwegian Space Centre in Oslo put it this way:
We could be in for a surprise it’s possible that the sun plays an even more central role in global warming than we have suspected. Anyone who claims that the debate is over and the conclusions are firm has a fundamentally unscientific approach to one of the most momentous issues of our time.
There is much evidence that the sun’s high-activity cycle is levelling off or abating. If it is true that the sun’s activity is of great significance in determining the earth’s climate, this reduced solar activity could work in the opposite direction to climate change caused by humans. In that case we could find the temperature levelling off or actually falling in the course of a 50-year period”
Not only has Dr. Brekke’s warnings of a “quiet” sun come true, evidence is mounting that we may be at the beginning of a global cooling pattern. ...
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