March 25, 2011


Letters to the Editor and other People Speak

FROM-Payson Roundup

Cycles of global warming, cooling are common


As with fantasy energy sources, Mr. Welge’s engineering foundation precludes common ground with Mr. Estess’ Anthropomorphic (human-caused) Global Warming (AGW) pretenses. Cycles of global warming and cooling are common in human and geological history, are due solely to activity of the sun; and, contrary to the Orwellian doomsday claims, the warming periods have always been a tremendous benefit to all life on the planet. The entire global warming hoax totally imploded. Every one of those claims by Mr. Estess was unequivocally proven to be totally false by: (1) winters of the last two years being the most severe, globally, of the last several decades — of any on record, in some areas; (2) release of Professor Phil Jones’ (the world’s chief global warming falsifist and head of the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia) e-mails which prove the primary “research” institutions were cherry-picking, stacking, and outright falsifying “data” to “prove” the AGW tripe their bosses demanded.

They even went so far as to “lose” 20 of the world’s weather stations which were located in areas reporting weather data directly contradicting the global warming myth. The data manipulation and falsification was so blatant that the primary proponents of this deceit destroyed their databases to avoid external evaluations that would have illustrated the extent of this outright fraud.

Those with the money make the rules, and $50 billion has been invested in creating and promoting this AGW sham. Universities receiving government contracts to “prove” AGW eagerly sacrificed their scientific integrity to replicate the manipulations of “data” necessary to keep the funding coming.

The major media (propaganda center servants of the same government masters) gleefully reported all this garbage as fact, participated in the vilification of those who dared to contradict the AGW theme, and aided the myth of the 200 or 300 AGW-promoting “scientists” as a consensus, while ignoring the 31,000 scientists documented as opposing the AGW alarmism. Even Al Gore’s favorite Michael Mann-produced “hockey-stick” temperature graph was proven to be a fraud. Leaked secret diplomatic cables show that the U.S. government used

espionage, bribery and extortion to pressure foreign governments to support the U.S. position on climate change.

Finally, actual weather data for Payson and Young, for the last decade show no warming trend whatsoever.

Terry Putnam


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