March 24, 2011


Letters to the Editor and other People Speak

FROM-Gloucester County Times

Climate-change crowd won't give up

To the Editor:

The March 21 editorial in the Times, from its sister paper, the Star-Ledger of Newark (“Stop muzzling EPA’s Jackson”) pretty much accuses anyone who doesn’t buy into the theory of man-made global warming — now called “climate change” — as being anti-science, anti-environment and backwards.

The editorial mirrors the attitude of the pro-global warming crowd that routinely ignores anything contradicts their agenda. (The editorial criticized Republicans in Congress who seek to prevent Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa Jackson from regulating carbon emissions.)

Evidence that could show that change in climate is a natural occurrence and not man-made has been brought forth by many reputable scientists. Space doesn’t permit me to go into detail, but the information is out there for anyone who wishes to research it.

There have been many instances where the data used to back global warming has been shown to be wrong. However, the activists have refused to address the challenges to flawed data or even debate their critics, preferring to resort to name-calling and making false accusations instead. That is not the behavior of true scientists, but rather that of individuals with ulterior motives — pushing an agenda.

If one looks closely at the people behind the global warming agenda, one finds individuals and companies that stand to profit handsomely from some type of cap-and-trade or similar taxation program. General Electric, which receives government subsidies under President Barack Obama, is one such company. Al Gore, self-appointed “climate expert,” is another.

People who support man-made global warming include those who have spoken in favor of population control, and they view climate change as a means to promote this cause. The fewer people in the world, the less carbon dioxide. Ironically, the politicians, celebrities and wealthy philanthropists who have been the most vocal about the need to reduce one’s “carbon footprint,” are the very ones who lead the most extravagant lifestyles and use the most energy. That, in and of itself, speaks volumes as to their true motives.

Leda Muth

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