February 5, 2011


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Global Warming Believers Propose Tax on Meat and Milk

by Pat Bartels

uel prices are on the rise, which causes increases in most of the things that are purchased. Anyone who shops for groceries knows that prices for food are going up rapidly. Those who support the global warming theory now believe everyone should go further in reducing green house gases by taxing meat and milk.

This suggestion came as a result of a European study and was published by the Climate Journal.

“This tax is not at all a matter of forcing people to become vegetarians, but merely moving towards a slightly more climate-smart diet,” says Stefan Wirsenius of the University of Gothenburg, Sweden.

It seems hard to believe that this isn’t a way to force people to make changes to their lifestyles. This tax would be specifically designed to reduce the consumption of these products.

This seems to be just one more way that governments gain control and money in the name of global warming. Of course, at this time, it’s only a suggestion. Wasn’t that how cap and trade legislation was developed? Any legislation or taxes imposed on companies to regulate emissions will be passed on to consumers.

This is a world effort to affect protection of the earth’s climate. The most developed countries will be the ones that will bear the burden of those who can’t afford it or won’t participate.

An article on suggests scientists are trying to impose their lifestyles on everyone and should direct their efforts on more productive ways. The article also points to another article at Discovery News that gives more information about this subject.

There seem to be many conflicting opinions on what is causing climate change, and/or if these are natural cycles that are occurring.

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