January 26, 2011

Just another OOPS

Not too long ago

Spiegel 11-13-2009

A Warming Arctic

Greenland's Ice Sheet Melting Faster than Ever

By Christoph Seidler

Everyone knows that the ice sheet on Greenland is melting. But new research shows it is disappearing much faster than previously thought. The findings could mean that ocean levels are also rising more quickly....

Science Daily 11-13-09

Greenland Ice Cap Melting Faster Than Ever

ScienceDaily (Nov. 13, 2009) — Satellite observations and a state-of-the art regional atmospheric model have independently confirmed that the Greenland ice sheet is losing mass at an accelerating rate, reports a new study in Science....

The Times 11-13-2009

Greenland’s ice sheet is melting faster than ever, data shows

Hannah Devlin

Greenland’s ice sheet is melting at an accelerating pace, according to the most detailed observations to date. Until now scientists had been unable to establish whether the loss of the ice sheet had speeded up significantly since the 1990s. Using two independent measurement techniques, the latest study reveals that the melting accelerated rapidly over the period 2000-2008....

UK Telegraph 11-13-2009

Greenland ice cap disappearing at rate of 300 Lake Windermeres a year

By Richard Alleyne, Science Correspondent

The Greenland ice cap is melting at triple the rate of just a decade ago – shedding the equivalent of nearly 300 Lake Windermeres a year and threatening millions of homes with flooding, claim British scientists.
UK Guardian  1-26-2011

Greenland ice sheet is safer than scientists previously thought

New study overturns fears that increased melting could lubricate the ice sheet, causing it to sink ever faster into the sea...


This is just a small sampling of the reporting on the original stories. What is really pathetic is some of the original reporting on the story back in 2009. Here is a typical example from the Telegraph story.
Such is the change in the vast ice sheet that the loss of weight is actually changing its affect on the earth's gravitational pull, the study in Science claims.
One gigaton could provide enough water for 17 million people in Britain and is the volume of Lake Windermere, the country's biggest water mass.
The melting rate has been accelerating over the last decade and has more than tripled since the early 1990s.
While scientists cannot say that all the melting is caused by climate change, they believe this is "very, very compelling evidence" that man-made global warming is affecting the world's ice sheets.
It could cause major coastal flooding could happen every five years – instead of every hundred.
About 1.2 billion people live in coastal areas around the world and they could be "devastated" by the rise in sea levels if the ice cap, which covers 1.71 million kilometres.
Professor Jonathan Bamber, the lead author at Bristol University, said: "When you put it into context how much ice is melting each year is very alarming.
"One gigaton is the same as a billion tonnes of water. Four of them could provide the domestic water supply for the whole of the UK.
"What is very worrying is that the speed of melting is increasing. Ice caps are like supertankers. Once they start moving in one direction is takes a lot to stop them."(emphasis mine)
I guess they will all be writing major retractions to their previous reporting....oops I forgot I was talking about the world media elites. 

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