January 7, 2011

It Never Ends!


8,000 Turtle Doves Die in Italy: Linked to Global Warming?

Julia Bodeeb

Weird mass animal deaths are occurring all over the world. Birds and fish are suddenly dying in huge numbers. It is both creepy and alarming that a definitive cause of all the animal deaths has not yet been identified. Could global warming somehow be linked to these incidents? It is believed to be causing abnormal weather patterns all over the world.

About 8,000 turtle doves have died in Faenza, Italy, notes the Daily Mail. The birds had a blue stain on their beaks at the time of death. This is typically from loss of oxygen or poisoning. Is this incident unique or could it have a common cause to other mass bird deaths around the world?

Numerous species of birds and fish have had mass deaths lately. The extreme cold temperature may have something to do with these strange incidents. As temperatures linger in freezing ranges in some parts of the world, more sudden deaths of birds and fish may occur.

If winter temperatures stay very low in future years, will ongoing animal kill off continue to occur? It may take scientists decades to figure out how global warming is impacting the environment, animals and humans.

Melanie Driscoll, Director of Bird Conservation at Audobon, told the Guardian "Far more concerning in the long term are the myriad other threats birds face from widespread habitat destruction and global climate change."

For now odd animal kill offs have occurred in various parts of the United States and also in Sweden, England and Italy. There are many theories about what might be killing the animals. Ideas of the causes of death include ideas that they could be dead due to earthquake tremors, shock from loud noises, or due to the end of the world coming. Other possible causes include poisonings or terrorism activists killing birds with chemicals to test out attacks on humans.

ill there ever be a final answer on what is causing the animal deaths? Perhaps not, science is very mysterious. It often it takes a long time for patterns of events to emerge.If changing climates can be linked to animal deaths will it change the way Americans live? Will people stop driving huge SUVs that put a lot of toxins in the air that contribute to global warming? Will they care more about funding research about global warming? Let's hope the government someday has more clean air regulations and works to protect the environment more vigorously.

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