November 24, 2010


As if the title of this article from the Vancouver Sun was not exciting enough:

Climate-change agency winds down as federal funding ends

The first two paragraphs are enough to make you want to jump for joy:

OTTAWA — A Canadian climate-change research foundation is celebrating its 10th anniversary, but has already begun winding down its operations after failing to get new funding from the Harper government.
The budget crunch at the Canadian Foundation for Climate and Atmospheric Sciences comes on the heels of revelations that the government is leasing out the Amundsen, a coast guard icebreaker equipped to monitor climate change in the North, to a pair of fossil-fuel companies for oil exploration in the region.

Oh the irony! The government making money from the fossil fuel industry while shutting down the climate change industry.

Meanwhile, the 10-year-old foundation, which has received about $110 million in federal grants since it was created in 2000, is closing the books on all of its research projects at the end of December, but will continue to operate its office in the meantime through interest collected in its bank account.

Until further notice climate change will no longer occur do to a lack of funding.

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