February 12, 2010

A Long Road Home Revisited

Two years ago I wrote about the possibility, actually the certainty, of governments accepting that global warming was inevitable and the effects it could have on society:

One of the problems with blindly following the AGW mantra is that people, industries, institutions and governments are not, and will continue to not, look at the world as it is. In doing so we will make choices that could be contrary to our best interest.

If we were in pre-AGW times when we accepted that we did not know how to forecast long term climate trends, other than by observations from the past, we might be making totally different decisions today. Perhaps we would be moving in the exact opposite direction. Based on experience and observations from the past, we probably would be hearing, (based on the sun) that it is possible we are headed towards a prolonged cooling phase in the global or at least Northern Hemisphere's climate.

This being so we would be preparing accordingly for such things as energy consumption increased exploration etc. We might be increasing farming in southern tier states, perhaps budgeting for increased snow removal. But all this and a hundred other big and small things are being ignored or in some cases discouraged.

We in fact may be traveling down the road in the wrong direction heading away from our best interests instead of towards them. This is why the people who so blindly believe in the computer models and spin and even fudge the data to promote their beliefs should be called out and held to account for their statements, projections and the promoting of an agenda, rather than objective science.

The Global Warming mythology has infected all aspects of society. Not only is every weather event somehow attributable to man made global warming but as important is the lack of preparedness for what in the past would be considered prudent caution in response to what once was considered natural events. Earlier this year when the UK was hammered with heavy snows and cold temperatures which their MET Office had not forecast, they were left unprepared in many respects, not the least of it being salt:
Ministers have ordered highway authorities across the UK to cut their salt usage by 25% to manage the pressure on salt supplies caused by the most prolonged spell of cold weather in the UK in almost 30 years.
When Washington DC was about to be hit with its third major snow event of the season 25 percent of its plow fleet was down, having trouble getting replacement parts and they too were running short on salt. Why would a city, our nations Capital which is funded by the Federal Government, not have spare parts for such essential equipment? Granted that the snow in the Mid Atlantic region has been historic this winter, but then again based on popular beliefs perpetrated about our climate who would have prepared for historic cold and snow anyway, what a waste right ?

It is one thing for a city such as Dallas to be unprepared for a record breaking foot of snow, the chances are it will be an anomaly in the long run. However the record breaking snow in DC just edged out the previous record (so far) it certainly is not unprecedented.

Indeed governments around the globe have bought so completely into the global warming myth they are afraid of being accused of negligence for not preparing for and establishing policies to meet rising sea levels in the distant future-not snow levels. But it is the snow and ice which we are faced with now isn't it? And governments find themselves unprepared.

This is no small matter. The implications of blindly following the wrong path can have serious consequences in countless ways on important even critical matters. Consider the
wind turbines in Minnesota which are frozen and producing no electricity at great expense. It is a humorous story that California manufactures did not allow for frozen hydraulic fluids, but it is only funny until you contemplate that much of the nations future energy policy is based on such foolish enterprises. When rolling blackouts in the dead of winter become the norm it might not be quite so humorous.

Here is a story of a future disaster being manufactured by the global warming myth.
Coast Guard Commandant Thad Allen on Friday said the United States faces a "looming crisis" when it comes to operating in the Arctic Circle, adding that a discussion within the government on how to proceed "cannot happen soon enough."

The U.S. government should rapidly determine its policy toward the Arctic Circle, which will guide decisions on what the Coast Guard should do about aging polar icebreakers, Allen said during a National Press Club speech on the state of his agency......

...Allen said a decision needs to be made on the Coast Guard's three icebreakers, two of which are over 30 years old. He said buying new ones will cost about $1 billion each.

But the Coast Guard is not seeking any funding for icebreakers in its fiscal 2011 budget request to Congress because the nation's policy toward the Arctic has not yet been determined, Allen told reporters after his speech.

"What we have to have is a discussion about what to do because the service life of these vessels is less than eight years. It takes almost that long to build a new ship," he said. "So we're at a tipping point as far as making a decision. That's got to be preceded by a policy discussion which can't happen fast enough."

I have a suggestion for our nation's policy in regards to the Arctic, Al Gore not withstanding. It gets extremely cold there and there will be ice so build the damned ships.

These are just a few examples of the countless follies, that as a result of this obsession with global warming, are unfolding around us and we have only just begun. Of course this does not even take into account the psychological aspect on people who have come to believe in this religion who will be slapped with a cold dose of reality as the frigid winds blow up their longjohnless pants.

Perhaps the greatest damage is all the wasted time and resources this will ultimately cost us which could find us
Starving in the cold.
Have you ever been on a trip and gotten on a highway going in the opposite direction than you intended. Suddenly you realize, twenty miles down the road you are headed in the wrong direction. The worst part is not just the miles you went, it’s also the gas you used and the time you lost and that’s not all. You have to spend just as much time, go just as many miles and use just as much gas again to get back to where you started from. In affect you have lost the equivalent of not the twenty miles but sixty, the twenty gone wrong the twenty return and the twenty more you should have been and you can never get the time and gas back, they are lost.

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