October 1, 2009

"Notable Quotes"

What is this illustration supposed to be representing?

It shows the earth, slipping through an hourglass and coming out not as just a pile of sand, but as a desert, replete with sand dunes.

I guess the symbolism is supposed to be that time is running out on our ability to save the earth from this fate. Apparently climate change is going to turn the earth from predominantly a blue and green vibrant planet (in the top half of the hourglass) to a brown lifeless one (in the bottom of the hourglass).

Whoever dreamt up this symbolism demonstrates a remarkable failure to grasp even the most basic premise of the science and projections of climate change.

While we are not graphic artists, let us suggest a more apt concept.

By adding carbon dioxide to the atmosphere as a result of burning fossil fuels to produce the energy that we all rely on to power our way of life and in doing so improve our general health and welfare, we are enhancing the earth’s greenhouse effect.

(Note to UNEP art department: when you think of the contents of a greenhouse, you don’t think of a desert.)

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