September 21, 2009


Letters to the Editor and other People Speak

FROM- Idaho Press-Tribune

Time to put an end to this 'global warming' nonsense

It's time to de-worm the myth.

In any day and age, it's wise and prudent to be good stewards of the air, land and sea. Everyone appreciates smog-free air, pure water and clean campgrounds, but "global warming" and going "green" are not about stewardship at all, rather, it's about enriching the Gore Groupies, Peta Peons and Sierra Elitists at your expense.

It's about your conforming to their rules and buying what they dictate, from light bulbs to cars and whatever they can twist into law. It's the absence of common sense to the tune of emptying your pocketbook using rules that apply to you but not to them.

It's a lie that they hope to convince you to believe, and it's all about promoting ideology which they hope to hide with flowery words and phrases. It's all about control over you, by them. And thus by making new laws they create bogus businesses, and the end result and goal is statism — giving the state and those elitists who were born to run it control over you and the masses who keep their noses clean. Confusion helps the statist.

The 1,000-page bills that representatives fail to read, the witless protection of phony labeled "endangered" species at the expense of the human condition, the halting of our energy production and oil drilling so "needed green sources" can be developed explicitly for the benefit of the corporate talking heads, the continuing release of perverts and criminals back into society, the systematic eradication of references to God and prayer, the leftist activism of judges to create new classes of people, the open-ended chain immigration policy that contributes to the demise of America, and the racism developed and promoted by the haters. Yes, all these are all part of the march to a new world order.

At each new level of citizen frustration, the call is to "create new laws," and our controllers wring their hands with glee. This is exactly what they want ... control, laws, restrictions, suppression — all proclaimed in the name of "doing good for the public." But we all know this: At the hands of your politicians and your government, your standard of living is being driven down because it makes them more powerful and you less powerful. Them richer and you poorer.

President Bush fell for all of this nonsense, and most of our politicians today still aspire to promote "global warming" and going "green." But then again, maybe it's because they couldn't get a regular job.

Is it not time for us to return them to society so we can find out? Or do we want to keep being led around the merry-go-round by the ring in our nose? Keep one thing in mind next election — vote, and vote differently. It's obvious that the people in charge now are incapable of any type leadership, and their goal is to kill the golden goose that laid the egg.

• James Lindbloom, Caldwell


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