September 6, 2009

the monetary value of nothing

Sometimes I'll read something that basically takes my breath away, no pun intended. Usually it has to do with climate modelling and the faith that so called scientist put into it, but today's example literally is about nothing at all. It is not a new revelation it is just a new found appreciation of the absurdity of what the world is in the process of doing.

Here is the little article that brought about my most recent trip into the realm of la la land. It is from
Carbon Offsets Daily "Financial Solutions Idiots guide to Carbon Credits." The entire idiocy of this is explained in the very first paragraph:

Carbon credits are the latest international commodity. Very simply put, a carbon credit is one ton of carbon avoided or negated from the atmosphere. This commodity has an estimated value in the trillions of dollars on carbon trading markets throughout the world, Financial Solutions research shows.

Consider this, an invisible trace gas generated by every living being is now a commodity, But that is not true either, as bad as the idea of carbon dioxide being considered a commodity is -the reality is that carbon dioxide is not really the commodity at all:

a carbon credit is one ton of carbon avoided or negated from the atmosphere

So in fact a non entity is now a commodity. Making an invisible gas readily available everywhere without charge a commodity is ridiculous enough, but the idea of not making an invisible gas readily available everywhere without charge a thing of value is beyond absurd, it is surreal.

Let's look at the common definition of a commodity to see how far over the edge we have gone. From Merriam Webster:

1 : an economic good: as a : a product of agriculture or mining b : an article of commerce especially when delivered for shipment c : a mass-produced unspecialized product
2 a : something useful or valued ;

Not only are we creating value out of thin air, we are creating value for the production of nothing whatsoever. This of course is mainstream now everyone is just debating the details of the plan and the monetary value of nothing.

The world has indeed lost it's collective mind.



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