August 30, 2009

Watch out Al here comes Evo !

I am sure that being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for.....well.....something must rate as one the greatest accomplishments in Al Gore's wrong...uh long and distinguished carreer. But he has some serious competion in the International meanignless environmental awards competion. Worse yet it was awarded to a politician who was actually elected to head his country (we think) and could possibly be to the left of Al Gore on the political spectrum.

I know all this is hard to believe but true. The United Nations General Assembly no less,
has declared Bolivian President Evo Morales as “World Hero of Mother Earth”. The story does not say whether there was any monatary reward given to Evo (over the table) as was given to big Al for the Nobel, but he did recieve "a medal and a parchment scroll".

Our friendly Bolivian Dictator/Presidente was honored with the title of World Defender of the Mother Earth a title I am sure that our former Vice President covets and was sure belonged to him. After all who wouldn't want a UN parchment declaring you “the maximum exponent and paradigm of love for Mother Earth” .

Thios all is in keeping with the trilateral awards recently agreed upon in the General Assembly, honoring heroes of the Global Governing Body:

Besides Morales, the former Cuban head of state Fidel Castro has been named “World Hero of Solidarity” and the late ex-president of Tanzania, Julius Nyerere, will be honored as “World Hero of Social Justice

Perhaps Al should work towards that Solidarity parchment for next year, it would go good with his Grammy now that he has lost out at being “the maximum exponent and paradigm of love for Mother Earth”

ht/Urgent Agenda

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