July 7, 2009


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'It would be nice to know the truth'

Monday, July 6, 2009
In recent weeks I have seen a member letters to the editor about global warming or to be politically correct, climate change. After reading them, I was perplexed by what I read. So I decided to investigate myself.

I listened to Mr. Al Gore give his testimony before the Senate on C-span, I bought some books, and cruised the Internet.

First, let me say something about Mr. Al Gore. After reading a number of articles and books on the subject, I feel I can say with confidence that Mr. Gore needs to get his facts up to date. He is a far better politician than a weatherman. Only a politician could tell so many untruths with such conviction. He truly is amazing. I guess when you can make millions on convincing people to foot the bill for 40 businesses that are going to make you rich you can be quite convincing indeed. His reply when asked about a possible conflict of interest in his ownership in these businesses and his campaign against weather change: He answered the senator that questioned him, doesn't a man have the right to invest in a business in America? Let me answer Mr. Gore. Yes, a man has a rightly to invest in a business in America, but not a business that is being created by tax payers' money and not by one who's owner is a major lobbyist in D.C.

An example of Mr. Gore's lying is his continual pointing to the melting ice in the Arctic. In an article in Met office web site WWW. by Dr. Vicky pope, entitled Stop Misleading Climate Claims, say "Recent headlines have proclaimed that Arctic summer sea ice has decreased so much in the past few year that it has reached tipping point and will disappear very quickly. The truth is that there is little evidence to support this. Indeed, the record-breaking losses in the past couple of years could easily be due to natural fluctuations in the weather, with summer sea ice increasing again over the next few; years… ,"This is just one example where scientific evidence has been selectively chosen to support a cause." Note that Dr Pope does believe in climate change by human activities. However, she seems to believe that the drastic effects are to be seen at the end of the century and not in the near future. Her prediction gives us a little bit more time than Mr. Gore's rush job. I don't think we need to fix it this year or during this recession.

Another untruth that I found is what Mr. Gore and many other supporters of climate change are saying, which is that big business is spending big money to disprove climate change. The truth is that pro-climate change people are spending much more money than anti-climate change people. One example is GE which is spending millions of dollar promoting the ideal of global warming. Of course, GE will make billions in a green world. I read one article that said there are four pro-global warming lobbyists for ever congressman and senator in Washington.

Still another is the constant rhetoric used by Gore and others that there is a consensus that all scientists believe that human activities is the main cause of global warming. In my cruising the net I found a site ( that has a petition with over 30, 000 scientists that have signed it, questioning many of the things that Mr. Gore and other have said about climate change. By the way, the government is well aware of this petition but they seem to act, as they know nothing about it. Could it be that they have run out of Social Security money and need another source of income for them to embezzle? The cap and trade tax will really get them out of not far off cries of Social Security being broke.

It would be nice to know the truth about climate change, which is easier said than done. It looks like to me it is a issue that is entangled in ideology, big money and science. I believe we need more honest debate and less rhetoric.

Lyle Duell

Lebanon, Maine


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