June 22, 2009


Letters to the Editor and other People Speak

FROM-Chico Enterprise-Record

Letters: Global warming issues need real debate

An Associated Press story Wednesday reports dire warnings that 1) global warming's serious effects are getting worse, and 2) we must reduce carbon dioxide emissions with urgency. The report paints "a fuller and darker picture" of global warming in the U.S.
Don't fall for complexity and vague answers. True, the climate is complex but proof of global warming is not proof that carbon dioxide is the cause. For sure, it is a hugely costly issue, so push for real debate.

Yes, over time we have had global warming (and global cooling), but much proof shows that global warming gases are not the cause. Here are four points:

1. Weather balloons have scanned the skies for years and there is no sign of the telltale "hotspot" warning pattern that global warming gases in computer models show.

2. Yes, ice cores have melted, but carbon dioxide is not the cause. Ice core data shows that temperatures have gone up before carbon dioxide levels (on average about 800 years before).

3. Satellite data show that the world has not warmed since 2001.

4. True, the natural global warming effect is real, but carbon dioxide is a bit player. The warming impact of the first 5.3 percent of carbon dioxide has about 10 times the warming effect as does the last 25 percent.

Go on and look for "The Skeptic's Handbook." Or

My name is in the phone book. I welcome a dialogue with any group or individual.

— George Roy, Chico


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