February 11, 2009

Let Us Ponder

Let us ponder again. If atmospheric dust is a significant source of uncetainty in climate models already, how can they claim to be accurate to begin with? Further if we come to a greater understanding with this new previously unknown information are they going to reprogram the computers to adjust to their previous level of uncertainty?

It boggles the mind at how many things are left out of these computer climate models known and unknown, yet we trust them to make generational decisions based on their projections. Faith based science.

Unexpected Discovery Could Impact On Future Climate Models

....This could impact on climate theories because atmospheric dust is a significant source of uncertainty for scientists trying to model the climate. ‘If it’s proven the dust is affected by electric fields, elements of current climate models may have to be re-worked with this new information, to remain accurate’, explains Joseph Ulanowski, Centre for Atmospheric and Instrumentation Research (CAIR) at the University of Hertfordshire....

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