February 4, 2009

Inquisition-Robert Carter

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Bob Carter is a Research Professor at James Cook University (Queensland) and the University of Adelaide (South Australia). He is a palaeontologist, stratigrapher, marine geologist and environmental scientist with more than thirty years professional experience, and holds degrees from the University of Otago (New Zealand) and the University of Cambridge (England). He has held tenured academic staff positions at the University of Otago (Dunedin) and James Cook University (Townsville), where he was Professor and Head of School of Earth Sciences between 1981 and 1999.
Some heretical writing by this Skeptic

Knock, knock: where is the evidence for dangerous human-caused global warming?

Cold hard facts debunk global warming alarmism

Climate change. Climate science and the Stern Review.

Point To Ponder

The only argument that remains to the IPCC – and it is solely a theoretical argument, not evidence of any kind - is that their unvalidated computer models project that carbon dioxide driven dangerous warming will occur in the future: just you wait and see!

Robert (Bob) Carter

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