September 24, 2014

Global warming and the new robber barons


Perhaps the global warming theory’s greatest hypocrisy is using anti-capitalism to turn a profit.

AL Gore| PHOTO CREDIT Brietbart News
AL Gore| PHOTO CREDIT Britbart News
There is no shortage of hypocrisy tied to the man-made global warming meme in fact the entire “movement” is perhaps the greatest example of hubris ever inflicted on humanity. It is not even necessary to dig into the details of the agenda to see this arrogant stupidity on display, the actors are more than willing to parade their false piety through the streets for the world to marvel at.
The current poster child for the “movement” is the actor Leonardo DiCaprio who appropriately enough is best known for flying the bow of the Titanic. This of course qualifies him to lead a sinking movement as the designated UN’s Messenger of Peace when he is not riding the waves to the World Cup in a yacht owned and paid for by a fossil fuel enriched UAE billionaire.
It is fitting that DiCaprio should live such an hypocritical lifestyle as he seeks to unseat the Godfather of all hypocrisy: the Tipperless Al Gore. Gore, who famously added to his activist-generated millions by selling his profitless TV network to a nation whose sole existence is derived from pumping “bubbly crude” from the sands of the Middle East, was also in attendance at the freak show “people’s” parade on Saturday – well at least until he exited stage far left in his giant gas guzzling SUV.
As the marchers disembarked this weekend from their thousands of chariots of exhaust spewing busses the entire affair was as disconnected from reality as the theory that reportedly spawned it, which in itself is a deception. The “scientific” theory did not create the movement, the movement created the scientific theory. Anti-capitalism not the plant fertilizer carbon dioxide is the precursor to the “man-made” global warming theory

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September 22, 2014

The global warming theory is bleeding out


Global warming alarmists are running out of sharks to jump and the world can’t help but notice

Daniel's Woods|Photo Credit JD Brown
Daniel’s Woods|Photo Credit JD Brown
When a scientific theory is based upon false conclusions and incorrect assumptions inevitably all that flows from it will stray further and further from reality creating the need for even more outlandish propositions to sustain the initial assumption. History is full of  false or ignorant scientific conclusions leading to disastrous results.
In December of 1799 a relatively healthy George Washington contracted what by today’s standards would be considered a minor case of pneumonia. He and his three attending physicians basically “bled” himself to the point that his weakened condition killed him. None of the learned men including the “Father” of our country believed that they were doing anything but adhering to the “consensus” best practice for treating his illness.
Bloodletting was based on an ancient system of medicine in which blood and other bodily fluid were regarded as “humors” that had to remain in proper balance to maintain health. It is claimed to have been the most common medical practice performed by surgeons from antiquity until the late 19th century, a span of almost 2,000 years
Today we look at practices such as “bleeding” as being akin to witchcraft.
Modern day learned men have reached the conclusion that the Earth’s systems also exist in a delicate balance which must be maintained lest we throw it into irreparable chaos. This is how it is possible for a scientific community to decide that a small amount of increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere will set the world ablaze with ever more dire consequences.
As their beliefs grows less sustainable due to reality trumping their theory they must grasp at ever more outlandish reasons for the failure of their beliefs. Perhaps the best example of this “grasping at straws” approach to science was recently expressed by  Professor Ted Shepherd of Reading University:
The heat is still coming in, but it appears to have gone into the deep ocean and, frustratingly, we do not have the instruments to measure there. Global warming has certainly not gone away.
Global warming has not stopped, according to Shepherd, it has just gone to a place where conveniently it can not be measured. It is like asking the dealer for the new Ferrari based on money in the bank nobody has access to or can prove is there; and this is science?
The Czech physicist Luboš Motl has an excellent description of where the climate change cult finds itself as their theory crumbles around them.
The people believing in the climate hysteria have become so irrational about so many things that they’re ready to abandon certain beliefs even if they represent the foundations of what they have been previously saying about the essence of the world for many decades! When you think about it, what really matters isn’t whether they are left-wing or right-wing. What matters is that they are obsessed by this particular incoherent network of implausible assertions about the man-made carbon dioxide, the climate, and the hypothetical consequences of tiny changes of the temperature that may occur. The alarmists’ opinions don’t really have to agree with their scientific knowledge; they don’t have to agree with the most general philosophical framework that they used to hold dear. This harmony isn’t necessary because they have switched to the climate hysteria as the new #1 foundation of their belief system. The climate orthodoxy has become as important for them as the Islamic terrorists’ reading of the Quran is for these terrorists. Everything else is secondary.
The multitude of excuses for the pause in global warming which often times contradict the very foundation for the theory itself is proof of what Motl is saying, which is that climate change hysteria is now far more important than the scientific theory itself. I would argue that it always has been.
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