June 4, 2014

Obama uses children to promote EPA agenda

From my Brenner Brief column

 Obama uses non-existent health threats to push for Environmental Protection Agency regulations at National Children’s Hospital

Obama|Photo Credit Wiki     Media
Obama|Photo Credit Wiki Media
This past Friday President Obama visited the Children’s National Medical Center in Washington D.C. and met with children who suffered from asthma. The event was planned to promote Monday’s release of new EPA regulations on carbon emissions. At the children’s hospital Obama made the following comment,
“As president, and as a parent, I refuse to condemn our children to a planet that’s beyond fixing. Right now, there are no national limits to the amount of carbon pollution that existing plants can pump into the air we breathe. None.”
The problem with the comment is that so-called carbon pollution is literally air we breathe. Every living being exhales the carbon (dioxide) that Obama and his administration is wanting more control over. In addition asthma has absolutely nothing to do with carbon dioxide, the children who have it, bless their hearts, are not affected one bit by increased CO2 from power plants.
We have noted before that labeling carbon dioxide a pollutant is obscene:
…CO2 is not toxic, not pollution and not even that “smokey” substance coming out of smoke stacks or car exhausts you see every time a news agency does a report on “climate change.”  Carbon dioxide is a harmless invisible trace gas that is vital for all life on planet Earth.  Does the term “carbon based life” ring a bell?
Everything on earth is made up of combinations of different elements – all of which can be found on the periodic table. Considering that the periodic table contains 118 elements it seems a pity that organic life tends to feature only five or six of those elements in any vast quantities. The main one being carbon. It would be impossible for life on earth to exist without carbon. Carbon is the main component of sugars, proteins, fats, DNA, muscle tissue, pretty much everything in your body…
Carbon dioxide, the element that gives the climate cult so much distress is life itself, yet Obama, the EPA and like minded members of the climate cult have convinced themselves and the naive that follow them that it is pollution. But it is worse than that, when it comes to climate “science” it always is.
It seems that Obama has taken a leap off the reality cliff. It is one thing to say that carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas which heats the atmosphere, it does, it is quite another thing to say that it is a pollutant that will directly affect people’s health.
Going to the hospital in a blatant attempt to link carbon dioxide to children’s health is like blaming water for drowning fish. No more can a child be harmed by breathing carbon dioxide than a fish can be harmed from “breathing” water. A reduction in atmospheric carbon dioxide will have absolutely no direct effect on these children’s asthma or any other human health issue, yet here is the President of the United States claiming that it will, how can he possibly make such an absurd connection?
Although this is an obvious attempt to make people think that carbon dioxide poses a health threat to humans which it does not, Obama is just using the same old climate cult playbook to deceive the public. Think Progress the progressive media outlet explains half the deception when they admit that CO2 is not really a direct health  threat.
However, the direct health effects of greenhouse gases were never the problem. The problem is the indirect effects — they’re the primary driver of climate change, which leads to hotter, longer heat waves, threatening the health of the sick, poor and elderly. Greenhouse gas emissions also lead to increases in ground-level ozone pollution, which is linked to asthma and other illnesses.
In the last sentence Think Progress is attempting to link all greenhouse gasses to ground-level ozone which is a separate gas (O3) which is not carbon “pollution” at all. Ground level ozone like all real air pollutants has decreased in the United States over the past few decades and is now at or below the EPA’s own national standards. What Think Progress, Obama and the EPA are actually saying is that the threat of carbon “pollution” to public health is the indirect “harm” caused by global warming.
Putting aside the economic implications of the EPA regulations which are immense and of questionable constitutionality, there is no science to back up the policy, literally.
In a stunning admission, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Gina McCarthy revealed to House Science, Space and Technology Committee chairman Lamar Smith (R-TX) that the agency neither possesses, nor can produce, all of the scientific data used to justify the rules and regulations they have imposed on Americans via the Clean Air Act. In short, science has been trumped by the radical environmentalist agenda. 
In the case of carbon dioxide and the global warming connection, the “science” that is depended upon is not based on any actual evidence but on the hypothetical model projections of future warming, warming that exists solely in agenda driven climate scientists computers.
…if you can not prove your theory with the past, or with the present you boldly go where no one can prove you wrong, the future.
Not only does the use of climate model “projections” of the future have the advantage of  being unverifiable, they are a gold mine to the scientific community.
Future warming in climate models is also a gold mine for politicians who can use an unverifiable threat to enact policies and promote their agendas. When you can use sick little children as a backdrop to that agenda it is an unscrupulous politician’s dream come true.

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