April 7, 2014

The truth never needs such methods,

The fact that the UN's IPCC uses inaccurate and unproven climate models to promote fear in order to obtain influence for their agendas is reprehensible but to be expected from a corrupt organization such as the UN. But what is truly disturbing and will lead to the collapse of societies if not corrected is that once great institutions, both scientific and political not only do not call out this obvious fraudulent scam, they leach onto them for their own gain.

You cannot continue to build your foundation on lies without consequences. The fall out from the collapse of the "climate change" lie is growing in direct proportion to the height of it's promoter's influence on society. These lies are of such importance to their benefactors that historically lies of such magnitudes have led to genocide in order to protect them. For all of our advances, we are but one lie away from barbarism. If power is not taken away from the "alarmist" segment of those who wield this lie, they will use that power to destroy "deniers." We are just a few short years from inquisitions of those who do not "believe."

As the man once said "you shall know them by their fruits" the fruits of the climate change cultist are growing ever more panicky and increasingly dictatorial. The truth never needs such methods, the truth is obvious to those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.

IPCC WGII report relies on exaggerated climate model results

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  1. I agree.
    May I suggest that in -
    "they leach onto them for their own gain."
    the word you want is "leech'.