February 2, 2013

The Age of Lies-Alaska is Melting

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I once wrote that I ceased to be liberal when I realized that in order to maintain that ideology I had to continuously deny what I knew to be the truth. What we are witnessing now is not just the denial of truths, it is the redefinition of truth.

Evil is being recognized as good and good is being condemned as evil.

And it is everywhere and it is seeping into everything. 
From The Age Of Lies

Alaska is Melting

At the beginning of the year it was publicized and widely reported that the Alaska Climate Research Center using data from NOAA weather stations throughout Alaska had determined that temperatures in Alaska had dropped significantly over the past decade.
A new report from the research center at the University of Alaska Fairbanks reveals that the 49th state of the union has cooled by 2.4 degrees Fahrenheit since 2000. 
The drop is described as a 'large value for a decade,' in the academic paper 'The First Decade of the New Century: A Cooling Trend for Most of Alaska.'
This was not some idle speculation but as I said a widely reported throughout the scientific community and in the popular press worldwide.

As the story from the UK Daily Mail points out, a drop in temperatures of 2.4 degrees over a decade is significant and a decade worth of data is more than just a simple anomaly. The report's  own title calls the past decade a "cooling trend". The current climate science community will often use yearly or even seasonal anomalies to alarm the public and here we have an entire decade long trend of cooling.

Furthermore we are not talking about some random decade but rather the last decade when global temperatures especially in the northern latitudes were prophesied to rise. But rather than rising it has been been proven using the "warmist' communities own records that temperatures in Alaska actually dropped significantly over the past decade. These findings have not been disputed.

 What may have happened in previous decades although possibly significant as well does not change the fact that the current climate in Alaska is experiencing a cooling trend. This is fact based on actual data and research, plain and simple. All of this was brought to the worlds attention in the first week of January 2013.

So why is it that the National Wildlife Federation at the end of January can issue a report which states the following ?(emphasis in original)
Alaska has warmed about twice as much as the continental United States and warming is severely altering the Arctic landscape including melting permafrost. In the face of this unprecedented warming, many uniquely polar habitats—like the sea ice that polar bears, seals, and walrus require to hunt—are shrinking fast.
In what time frame is this purported warming supposed to have occurred? Obviously they can not be referring to the most recent available data since again as has been widely reported, Alaska temperatures are decreasing. The NWF must simply be ignoring recent long term changes in Alaska's climate in order to make such a statement.

 The report from the Alaska Climate Research Center tells us that previous studies found that:
In general, the temperature has increased in Alaska since instrumental records are available. Stafford et al. [2] analyzed 25 Alaskan stations for the time period from 1949-1998 and found a mean annual temperature increase for all stations in the range of 1.0°-2.2°C,
So previous studies, using basically the same stations that this new study used, concluded that Alaskan temperatures had increased, at most, 2.2 degrees, at the end of the twentieth century since 1949. Why is the increase of temperatures over a 50 year period of 2.2 degrees somehow" unprecedented" while the decrease in temperatures of 2.4 degrees over 10 years seems not to be even acknowledged?

I would also point out that if both studies are correct, then the past ten years of cooling have wiped out the previous 50 years of warming.

I would suggest that the decade long "cooling trend" in Alaska is an inconvenient truth that does not fit into the "warmist" narrative. Therefore the National Wildlife Federation just ignore the most recent scientific data in order to promote their progressive agenda.

The Age of Lies.

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