February 25, 2013


Letters to the Editor and other People Speak

From: The Australian 

Global warming error

THE global warming industry made a tactical error in putting all its eggs in the one basket, in the cause and effect hypothesis.

Carbon tax, emissions trading schemes, solar and wind generation are all predicated on the certainty that carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere by human activity is the cause, and rising global temperature is the effect and the belief that, by manipulating the cause, we can modify the effect.

The pause in rising temperatures shows a disconnection between human activity and increasing global temperatures. The human activity has not ceased but the effect has. We are now back on solid scientific ground, where the sceptics and deniers have been all along, namely that climate changes - always has and always will - and what we are experiencing is within historical fluctuations.

Frank Pulsford, Aspley, Qld

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