January 23, 2013


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Letter - No consensus over global warming

To the editor:

A recent letter referred to man-made climate change and how to deal with it. Not all scientists or climate experts believe in what used to be called global warming (until 1998 ended and the temps leveled off, even lowered a bit). If it was warming, the temperature should have risen every year so 2012 would have been the highest year on record, but the previous one should not have been 14 years earlier.

About 30,000 scientists and climatologists signed a petition questioning the science and conclusions behind the global warming theory, so the “consensus” is not as complete as advocated. Included in this group are some of the top people in their field. If a person does research on “Climategate,” they will discover some of the questions and problems in this whole area.

I contacted five electricity suppliers about a carbon tax to find out what this would do to our rates. The responses were an increase of 15 to 32 percent. Are we ready to pay this price for something that has not been completely debated in the open by experts on both sides of the issue?

If manufacturers have their electric costs go up, hospitals, banks, schools, plus the additional costs of fuel for heat, travel, shipping of goods, what will this do to the cost of living? Since a business passes its cost increases on to the consumers, we will all end up paying a much higher price for everything. It won’t hurt the people with wealth a great deal, but if a way to increase the taxes on the poor is out there, this is it.

Let’s have a formal, open debate with both sides represented before we take major steps that could set our nation and world back severely.

Pryce Score

Kensington, MN

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