May 18, 2011

"Teach Your Children Well" Update

I often post letters to the editor and other comments by ordinary citizens critical of climate change religion science under the heading of Power to the People. In searching out these articles and letters I of course run across the opposite, individuals who subscribe to the "orthodoxy" of  the "consensus" on climate change.

One of the great challenges for those of us in the realist camp is to try to separate the many legitimate environmental concerns from the actual science or (lack thereof) behind global warming. But even more difficult and more dangerous to humanity is the challenge in recognizing and countering the growing totalitarian ideology which underpins and advances the climate change movement.

This point was driven home to me by the following letter to the editor published in the Santa Maria Times
The problem of warming

Global warming is a big warning to humans. But there are four keys to help Earth cool down — recycling, healthy transportation, vegetarian diet and government control.

Recycling is the most popular and easiest way to fight global warming. Families do the sorting at home, firms use recycled materials to produce products, supermarkets also change their plastic bags to paper bags.

Healthy and convenient transportation would not only decrease the emissions of carbon dioxide, but help people live a healthier life. There are so many forms of transportation that are healthier and more convenient than a car, such as riding a bicycle, taking a bus, subway and train.

Eating less meat is absolutely the most effective way to deal with the global-warming problem because much of the carbon dioxide is discharged by animals. Demand for meat means more animals would be raised and killed. That is why a vegetarian diet is so important.

Government control is the core fact in environment control. Government can use its power to appeal to citizens for individual behavior changes.

It is all about individual behavior. If everyone did their recycling job, drove less, ate less meat, Earth would not be so angry at its children.

Wanying Xiang

Santa Maria
As an American I am appalled though not shocked by such sentiments. Consider this statement
"Government control is the core fact in environment control. Government can use its power to appeal to citizens for individual behavior changes."

Consider the indoctrination that is behind the above comments. A citizen of the United States of America, a young one I assume, so brainwashed by the climate change environmental denizens that she is calling for "government power" to "appeal...for individual behavior changes." As she rightly notes, though I doubt recognizes or even understands, governments do not appeal... they control.

The danger in this indoctrination of our youth can not be underestimated. The very idea that people would have so little understanding of the consequences of allowing governments to "control" their lives is frightening but not unexpected. Consider these recent articles which explain it all. On the one hand we have

 "Clueless in America".  
According to the latest survey of Things Americans Are Ignorant About, high school and middle school students don't know much about civics....
"Getting a grip on government"

...Fewer than half of American eighth-graders know the purpose of the Bill of Rights, according to results from the National Assessment of Educational Progress, and only one in 10 has a high-level understanding of the checks and balances of the three branches of government....
This is just a small sampling of how America's education system, predominately a government run system I might add, is ignoring the foundation upon which this country was founded and on which past generations of Americans were well educated. They are doing so in order to replace an American citizenship rooted in the concept of individual liberty and a healthy skepticism of government control and replacing it with a belief that only government can keep Earth from "being angry with her children."

What is traditional civics being replaced with in the American education system? The following  article explains what the federal government has decided is important for our youth to be taught.
New federal program promotes ‘green’ school policies 
By Laura Devaney 
As the “green” movement sweeps across the nation, prompting citizens to buy organic produce and reduce their energy consumption, schools are following suit with lesson plans that teach students how to value environmental resources and with practices that save energy—and money. Now, a new federal program will honor and encourage these efforts.

The U.S. Education Department (ED) created the Green Ribbon Schools program to recognize schools that are creating healthy and sustainable learning environments and teaching environmental literacy. The new awards program will receive support from the White House Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

“Preparing our children to be good environmental citizens is some of the most important work any of us can do,” Education Secretary Arne Duncan said at an event announcing the new program. “It’s work that will serve future generations and quite literally sustain our world.”
It is no longer important that our children be good citizens of the United States, understanding the importance of freedom, liberty and the foundational principles which maintain them, " the most important work any of us can do" "preparing our children to be good environmental citizens."  Thus says the Indoctrination  Education Secretary Arne Duncan.

Be afraid, be very afraid.

Update:Response from Wanying Xiang, the writer of the letter to the editor above in the first comment below. My only response is that perhaps she needs a better translator.

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  1. The government control is not government to control you, it's just because it has the power to affect people to understand the real problem. I’m not a native speaker, I can neither speak nor write, I don't know how to choose a right word to express my thoughts, and I even use a translator to help me finish this paper. It is just an assignment for my English class. How could you think about it so complicated? I’m the one that really shocked by your misunderstanding about my idea.