February 10, 2011

State of the Union

I just read that Oklahoma set an all time low temperature record.

BARTLESVILLE, Okla. - Records amount of snow have fallen across the state, and now records for low temperatures are starting to fall too. 
In fact, some temperatures across the state Thursday morning were lower than North Pole, Alaska, which was a balmy 16 degrees. 
In Bartlesville, the National Weather Service recorded the temperature reaching 28 degrees below 0, setting an all-time city record. 
The Oklahoma Mesonet released a statement saying Nowata reached -31 degrees. 
Whichever temperature is recorded, it will be an all-time low for Oklahoma.
The previous state record was -27 in Watts in 1930 and -27 in Vinita in 1909....

I remember that last year Maine set an all time record low as well. In fact it was a record low for all of New England. It got me wondering how many States have set cold temperature records  since the beginning of Man Made Global Warming. 

I know many may find it difficult to determine when Man Made Global Warming officially began, not me.I know precisely when Man Made Global Warming officially began, June 23, 1988 with the testimony of James Hansen before The US Senate.

So I decided to look up  extreme temperatures by state since that day which will live in laughability. The results were interesting:

Record State High Temperatures Since June 23, 1988

Arizona128°F / 53°CJuly 5, 2007*
Connecticut106°F / 41°CJuly 15, 1995
Nevada125°F / 52°CJune 29, 1994*
New Mexico122°F / 50°CJune 27, 1994
Oklahoma120°F / 49°CJune 27, 1994*
South Dakota120°F / 49°CJuly 15, 2006*
Texas120°F / 49°CJune 28, 1994*
*Also on earlier date or dates in that state

Pretty impressive huh? Seven states have set new highs since Man Made Global Warming began. However since, as they say, we are talking about unprecedented warming, that little asterisk becomes very significant doesn't it? Arizona's record highs have all been  within the advent of Man Made Global Warming.  However Nevada, Oklahoma, South Dakota and Texas other record highs were all well before Man Made Global Warming purportedly started. So in reality three states have set unprecedented records since the beginning of Man Made Global Warming. Now let's look at record cold temperatures

Record State Low Temperatures Since June 23, 1988


-36°F / -38°CJanuary 5, 1999

-36°F / -38°CJanuary 19, 1994

-47°F / -44°CFebruary 3, 1996*

-50°F / -46°CJanuary 16, 2009

-64°F / -53.3°CFebruary 1996

-31°F / -35°CFebruary 10, 2011
Rhode Island

-25°F / -32°CFebruary 5, 1996

-55°F / -48°CFebruary 4, 1996
Unlike  record highs, nobody is claiming that cold weather is unprecedented (yet), so Iowa's tie means nothing. As you can see there have been more record cold temperatures set since the beginning of Man Made Global Warming than record highs. Also notice that the we have only had two record high temperatures set in states  this century, both of which were tied with earlier dates. However we have had two unprecedented cold records set in this century. That doesn't bode well for that accelerating claim, now does it?

Think I'm being unfair in declaring that James Hansen is the founder of Man Made Global Warming? OK we'll go back further, how about 50 years.

Additional Record State High Temperatures Since January 1, 1961 

Massachusetts107°F / 42°CAugust 2, 1975

North Carolina110°F / 43°CAugust 21, 1983
Rhode Island104°F / 40°CAugust 2, 1975
Utah117°F / 47°CJuly 5, 1985
Washington118°F / 48°CAugust 5, 1961*
So we add another five states to the Hot category with four of them being unprecedented. Now let's go Cold.

Record State Low Temperatures Since January 1, 1961


-27°F / -33°CJanuary 30, 1966


-80°F / -62°CJanuary 23, 1971

-40°F / -40°CJanuary 7, 1971

+12°F / -11°CMay 17, 1979

-34°F / -37°CJanuary 28, 1963


-35°F / -37°CJanuary 12, 1981

-19°F / -28°CJanuary 30, 1966
New York

-57°F / -49°CFebruary 18, 1979
North Carolina

-34°F / -37°CJanuary 21, 1985
South Carolina

-19°F / -28°CJanuary 21, 1985

-69°F / -56°CFebruary 1, 1985

-30°F / -34°CJanuary 22, 1985

-48°F / -44°CDecember 30, 1968
So in the past 50 years thirteen additional states set cold temperature records.

Shall we summarize? By the way, none of the previous record highs listed in the first set of record highs (since 1988), were tied in the time frame between 1961 and 1988 they were all set earlier.

Total State record high temperatures set since June 23, 1988 
7 Total
3 Unprecedented

Total State record low temperatures set since June 23, 1988
8 Total

Total State record high temperatures set since Jan 1, 1961
13  Total
7 Unprecedented

Total State record low temperatures set since Jan. 1, 1961
21 Total

So there have been three times as many state cold temperature records  set  as there have been unprecedented high temperature records set in the past half century. 

So I officially declare the State Of The Union-


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